Monday, October 3, 2016

The Beginning of a New Adventure

Thought I would try my hand at this whole Blogging thing and attempt to keep people updated on our transition from Indiana to Tennessee and random day-to-day shenanigans. We might entertain you and keep you slightly intrigued, however, we may very well bore the hell out of you and force you to forward our posts to your 'Spam' or 'Blocked' folder. Either way I will not be offended and I'm going to do my best at keeping it updated and share some pictures with everyone!

That being said,  this is our home!!


(Poor Kev attacked an army of VERY red wasps in that shed yesterday!  He survived; the wasps...not so much...although we still haven't ventured back out there yet today...)

Side View (from the backyard)

To start, Friday was the end of our Monrovia, IN Farmhouse chapter and the beginning of our Celina, TN Hills/Dale Hollow Lake chapter.  The radar was not very promising in Indiana Friday, however the rain thankfully held off while loading the U-Haul all day.  Now upon loading up and leaving the driveway Friday evening at 5:45 p.m., that was a whole other story! Torrential downpour, high winds, hail...had to pull over at the Love's truck stop just a few miles from our house and wait it out.  Apparently Indiana was throwing a  little hissy fit about our departure!!  Gratefully, we arrived to Celina just after midnight (TN time) with no other storm issues. 

After a few 'chill out' beverages and a few hours of sleep, Saturday morning brought some sore muscles but we were revived with coffee and Dairy Queen breakfast from Kevin's parents who also brought along the minions to help unload and transfer boxes into the basement.  Nothing better than strong coffee and younger siblings with fresh muscles to get the job done!! With only one furniture catastrophe, which we should be able to mend with wood glue and clamps, everything was a success and unloaded by 5ish. Even though we were 100% ready to collapse on the couch and watch a movie (and get showers!), we ventured into town to Kevin's Dad's company appreciation picnic.  Listened to a band out of Texas perform, Shot Gun Rider, with an awesome fireworks show afterwards.  Have to say, it was a great way to start our stay here in Celina, TN! 

Awoke Sunday morning and headed over to Kevin's parents house for an all out breakfast buffet!  Biscuits & Gravy (sausage & chipped beef gravy), scrambled eggs, French toast, bacon, Country ham, cut apples & oranges, OJ, milk and COFFEE!  Much appreciated since all food was packed tightly away in boxes or still on the shelves at the store.  The house was full with the family (minus Kenny who stayed home to sleep all day and get ready for the start of his night shift work week), Indiana friends that were down for the weekend (Clyde & girl friend) and previous Indiana friends who were also pricked by the 'TN bug' and moved down a few years ago (The Elsea's).

After getting fueled we made a quick grocery run to the good 'ole Save-A-Lot in Celina, got our bed frame put together (which is quite the task!) and organized the laundry room.

Today was filled with a lot of wiping off (upon moving you realize how much dust your stuff collects; where has my cleaning lady been?!), sweeping, washing the front half of the house windows,  cleaning off the front porch and unloading the random crap that was thrown in the back of the daily trucks we drove down.  Dish Network came out this morning to set up our transfer account; pleased to say that we were scheduled for 8 a.m.-Noon time slot and received a call at 7:57 a.m. that he would be there within 30 minutes!  Funny side note: you know you haven't upgraded package plans for awhile when they notify you before you leave IN that we do not have to bring along our old receiver and remotes (even though we did pack them; Just In Case!). 
Only annoying thing right now is that we have a huge old school big screen that they claim can not "fit the picture without the original remote" we are watching DVD's until we come up with a universal remote or a friend figures out how to shrink the image through the Dish remote (Which the 'installer' claimed couldn't fix the issue)...oh well, we have plenty to do for now without worrying about television!

Roscoe is doing well!  Thanks to a few kiddos that ran him all day Friday while we were packing, he slept the entire way down.  He has been napping a lot once we bring him inside; a lot of changes for the little guy this last month and a half!  Sissy Girl and him are getting along great.  She is older so she tends to put her foot down just like 'ole Jack did, but she loves to run and play with him!

Random Bits
  • No matter how hard you try to control the emotions, they will find their way to the frontline and typically that will result in a burst of waterworks/anxiety/happiness all rolled into one ...being a female really takes it toll sometimes!!
  • We had previously been warned, but were reminded by a friend's experience, do NOT eat the
  • You know you live in a small town when you go to drop off the U-Haul (technically a day late because they're closed on Sunday) and they were already expecting you because another employee called to inform them that he
    "...saw a U-Haul with an Auto Transport driving through town and we'll most likely get the 'drop-off'."
  • The air is crisp and the accents thick. (Will probably acquire "the talk" quickly!)  For those who know my husband, his will probably just become a little more Southern.
  • Little side note: Kevin's parents live on Kinney Rd.; their younger son is named Kenny.
  • The pointer finger is used in place of a full handed wave when passing someone while driving.
  • 'Hose Pipe' translates to 'garden hose'
  • 'hun' or 'honey' (male or female) 
  • 'By God' is used frequently for everything; Ex.: Joe is a hard worker & will do anything for ya, by God!

~For this I am blessed~


  1. Avah and I feel like we are there with you! Is that Kennys house you are staying at? Even if it is just for me (and Avah, of course) keep on keepin on! We enjoyed it! We love and miss you!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Yep, that's Kenny's house. It's really nice! Getting ready to publish a new post for this week. :)