Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moonshine Daze

This last week has been a little crazy (October full moon!) & busy.  I survived my first trip into Cookeville by myself.  One hour there, about 40 minutes in Walmart and an hour drive back.  Yes Karen, I know it only takes you 40 minutes but I don't know the roads well enough yet to drive TN style!  ;)  I'll get there!  All I have to say is that my sister better like her birthday book I traveled there for!! haha Those trips will definitely be planned out and have a list of anything and everything we can not get at the local Save-A-Lot or Dollar General! 

We didn't end up making it to Moonshine Daze due to some minor "health defects", but there's always next year and we're not going anywhere! Until then, here is a little moonshine history to hold you over. 

Arno Hatcher is pictured on the right in his overalls.

Local moonshiner, Arno Hatcher, resides in Union Hill and has been a Clay County resident on and off his entire life.  He has always longed to open his own distillery in Clay County and "go legal".  
"Arno claims that his moonshine is second to none and grew to be that way after years of making it.  Moonshine, Shine, White Lightning, Union Hill Wine, and Union Hill Whiskey is what Arno is famous for."  Moonshiners, Revenuers, and Ordinary Folk by Susan Bailey

Michael, Malina & Karha were on Fall Break all last week and ventured over to the house for some fun backyard adventures.  Big brother kept them entertained!!  Michael kept wanting to go faster while Malina was a human seat belt for Kevin! haha  Kevin didn't think she could possibly hold on any tighter...and he was only taking them around the yard.  Can only imagine if he took her on a trail! 

Kenny worked on our other S10 that needed a new intake gasket.  He rocked it out in a day and replaced a few other minor things on it while Kevin helped his Dad and I enjoyed the front porch, rocking chair and a good book.  :)

Our Mechanic - Kenny

That night the kids made us a delicious dinner.  For those who follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a few pictures of Chef Michael in training earlier in the week.  

He was practicing taking orders and making toast.  The menu consisted of Chicken bacon ranch pasta, toast with garlic butter and vanilla ice cream & brownies. Mmmmm is all I have to say.  (Kevin had thirds!)

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Recipe   

Random Bits & Phrases

  • FYI: PB Blaster works great on loosening up a sliding glass door, however it does not dissipate from the house very quickly...(cough, cough) 
  • "It was really cuttin a shine on it" ~ Metal to metal rubbing; burnin rubber
  • "Tougher than woodpecker lips"

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables

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